Registration on the National Building Professionals Register (NBPR) carries with it an obligation to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) and hold an appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance. The current requirements are:

Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy Coverage

An individual applying for registration or registration must retain that they have any relevant insurance cover required by a particular State / Territory government and ensure that this cover is maintained throughout the year.

Continuing Professional Development Obligation

An individual applying for registration or registration must completed at least twenty hours of CPD activity each year and retain documentary evidence of this activity.

Registered practitioners must demonstrate that they have retained competence in their field of registration during the previous twelve months.

For further information consult the NBPR manual available in PDF form on our Downloads page.


Experienced building and construction professionals requiring an independent assessment of their specialised area of practice are able to apply to join the National Building Professionals Register.

NBPR Application Checklist

  • You have at least four years experience
  • Hold an appropriate qualification
  • Accept the code of ethics and CPD obligations, plus have insurance

NBPR Application Form

Available in PDF form on our Downloads page.

The Registrar’s decision to admit an applicant in one or more areas of specialisation will depend upon their professional qualifications and level of expertise. Due to their enhanced professional standing, members of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) and the New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB) have access to a fast-track Register admissions process.

Identifying a Building Professional

Clients are able to easily identify a building and construction professional listed on the NBPR – it’s as simple as looking at their qualifications listed on their business card, e.g.

John Citizen, FAIB, NBPR1

The post nominals after their name indicate that they are a member of a professional Institute (in this case the FAIB indicating a member of the Australian Institute of Building) and the NBPR1indicating that they are listed on the NBPR as a building professional, with NBPR2 indicating that they are listed as an Associate Professional and NBPR3 indicating that they are listed as a Building Technician.

In order to retain the eligibility to use these post-nominals, registrants on the NBPR must retain their skill level and meet additional CPD and insurance requirements.